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Tell Me About Yourself

At this stage in my career, I would say that the no. 1 call center interview question that rarely miss an interview is to say something about yourself.  Simple as it is, but I would caution you to take time to think about the answer to this Interview Question as this will set the tone for the rest of the interview.

So how would you respond?

The interviewer is not interested to know about your family details or personal background. That you have to realize.  What he is interested in are your achievements and the milestones in your career.  Period.

You cannot go wrong with this call center interview question, and here's how you should prepare.

Focus. Think about your strength and how it could be important to the call center position (experiences, traits, skills, etc).  What would you want  the interviewer to know about you. List them down. Yes, list them down. It will help your mind to remember your best answers.

Prepare a script. You can start by talking about your past experiences that brought success even to the most menial task

" I have been in the call center industry for the past two years.  My most recent experience was to handle incoming calls for technical support in the Internet service industry.  I have enjoyed the job and the challenges that goes with it because of the opportunity to connect with people. I have performed significantly well which has resulted to good customer satisfaction rate."

Next, talk about your strengths and abilities:

" My real strength is  my relentless need to satisfy any standard  set.  I pride myself on my reputation for being there, when and where I am expected to be."

End your response with the statement about your current situation:

"I am now looking for a company that values people: their employees, their clients, and their client's customers. A call center where I can join a strong team."

Practice. Your script should keep you in track, but don't memorize it. You should sound natural and conversational.

This is just one among the list of Call Center Interview Questions that I believe you should be prepared for. Check out How To Beat Tough Questions On a Call Center Job Interview to learn more. Cheers!

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maddy said...

Very useful information, many a times we neglect these basic going for more advanced..Thanks!

Call Center Job Responsibilities

kris said...

thank you for making this tips for newbie applicants like me .. this is a really big help for my first interview tnnx again:)

Sybill said...

Not a problem Kris..I'm glad that you have found this useful. Goodluck!

robkaier said...

Good points:
"Focus. Think about your strength"
"Prepare a script."
"talk about your strengths and abilities"
Just following these, any one can make success.
Thanks for sharing.

Robert Kaiser
call center services Company
North Canton, Ohio

hasuike san said...

hi,.. thank you so much for creating this blog ^^, It's very helpful ^^,

Anonymous said...

Hi Sybill just wanna ask? why I cant make it through havng a call center job? i had several applications but all of them rejected me so sad i kip studying but still i ended up unfortunate getting a job

Anonymous said...

ahaha, i practiced a lot, thought of the answers to say but still, my nervousness keeps on stopping me, i never showed nervousness but it is the one that stopping me from talking, talking like an idiot infront of the interviewers, maybe find other jobs huhuhu

Sybill said...

Think about this while waiting on queue for your turn. It's not wrong to feel nervous. It's normal. The Interviewer understand how you feel and she or he has been there.

When your turn comes, stop thinking about how you feel (nervousness) and focus on the question, and answer them the way that you have prepared.

Hope it helps!

Anonymous said...

I like it very much... Good luck to all of us who are seeking employment in a call center industry...

Anonymous said...

What is the best call center company here in Philippines?

Anonymous said...

hi ,, sybill how are you ,, im jenn a fresher applicant your tips is really helpful hope i can make it in my interview ....ill remember your tips....thanx

Sybill said...

I'm glad that it helps, Jenn. Hope you make it. goodluck!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sybil trust this mail find u very well in good health, just want to ask i am planning to start up an outsourcing company for call center clients, do u have any idea where we can possibly get clients that will sign up? thankz a lot. kindly email me at

Nani Eng said...

Very valuable info about Call Center interview questions.Call Center Services

Anonymous said...

just wanna know if its valid or not,telling the interviewer that i have a job right now and still i wanted to apply on their company..will it be good or bad for me--tnx for the help in advanz

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