Call Center Solutions: The Truth About Call Center Software

The internet contains vast information about call center solutions. Almost certainly, websites of developers will come up on the first page of your searches, each showcasing how their software for call center can increase the productivity of your customer service operations. While it is true that a call center software can automate a lot of your customer service operations such as: recording conversations between agents and customers, track the call handling time, and present options to your caller so that they are directed to the right person who can best help them resolve their issue, call center solutions also present some challenges you may have to consider before purchasing one.

How Do Call Center Solutions Help You?

Better Efficiency

Different call center software offers automated menu to help customers get into the right department. This is commonly called Automated Call Distribution or call routing software. Such call center solutions intelligently route calls based on the caller’s identification, dialed number, time of day, and custom defined parameters established in an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) program script, to the best agent who can best answer his or her concern. These IVR solutions cut your operation cost by reducing the number of employees you will need to answer the phones. You will have more agents spending more time resolving customer issues or processing orders.

Effective Call Center Agent Training
Through Call Recording Software, each received calls are recorded and stored for references including the amount of time an agent spends to handle a call. By being able to retrieve and review calls, management and trainers can easily evaluate and formulate some kind of solution or formula to improve the performance of their agents.

Efficient Employee Scheduling
Call center scheduling software or workforce management software produces forecasted call volumes by analyzing historical data and real time ACD gathered. Therefore, it makes it easy for the management to decide how many agents should be available at certain time of the day, thus, maximizing the time of every employee and helps to decide whether there’s a need to hire new employees.

Better Customer Service
One call center solution can also tell callers the estimated time they may have to wait until the next agent becomes available. This program feature provides better experience with customers by reducing their frustration from having to waste their time. Being advised about the wait time, they can decide if they would rather call at any other time or wait on queue. Other contact center software also provides data about the average amount of time a caller hangs up while waiting on hold. This information helps to decide of more agents will be needed to address more customer concerns.

By integrating call data and customer service allows businesses to improve customer satisfaction. A particular research found that 69% of large businesses consider customer service to be critical for generating revenue.

Pitfalls That May Come With Call Center Solutions

Compatibility Issues
As with any other programs, call center software has to be compatible with your operating system. Otherwise, it may not function properly as expected, or may not work at all. Be sure to always check the system requirements.

Customer Dissatisfaction
You will encounter customers who will complain about everything being automated and they may not appreciate such impersonal treatment. This may lead to an increase on your abandoned call rate. But considering how almost all businesses are adopting into this technology for obvious reasons, more and more consumers are beginning to adapt to this system as well.

Budget Consideration
Call center software is purchased on a per license basis that ranges from $800 to $1,500 per agent. But if you have a lot agents, you may opt to go for group or volume purchase to avail a good discount. And then add the following costs:

The probability of additional technical support costs
While you consider your budget and the cost of the software, don’t forget to add technical support cost. While most software developer companies offer free technical support, you could be in for a frustrating situation looking for assistance to help you with your issue. Your customers can’t wait to have your system up and running or you lose them. Some developers offer their technical support for a cost, and therefore, they are easier to access. Another option is for you to get a third party to help you with the program, and of course, it comes with a cost.

Training and Implementation Costs
Your production will be affected as you have your agents trained for your new software. Therefore, you will have to consider the cost of training and implementation.

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