Teleperformance is the global expert in call center management, creating more value through a better customer experience. Their core business spans the full spectrum of CRM/BPO contact center solutions. It was first established in 1978

Teleperformance is the most experienced and truly largest global call center outsourcer in the world. According to the culture of the Group, they consider that it is critical to be a present in each country in order to understand the local market and perform to exceed expectations.

Teleperformance has physical contact centers in 45 countries worldwide serving more than 75 markets in over 66 languages for many of the world’s largest companies.

Teleperformance is also noted for their flexibility and adaptability to specific client needs.

Industry Expertise


Business services


Consumer products

Electronic consumer products

Financial services



Mail order


Membership services

Healthcare and pharmaceutical

Media and Publishing

Retail and Distribution



Travel and Transportation


Intermediate Agency

Political and Public Sector

Office Equipment

Programs For Employees

  • Integration with recruitment and initial training
  • Motivation with ongoing monitoring
  • Coaching and performance management
  • Capitalization with ongoing training and individual career development.

Teleperformance' philosophy is to retain quality agents. The job as an agent is not necessarily a temporary activity, but quite on the contrary. Most of their managers have acquired hands-on experience in the field. This shows that good agents can evolve and receive higher responsibilities within the company throughout their career. Moreover good people are compensated by awards and promotions based on strict measurements mixing quantitative and qualitative criteria.

Teleperformance Career Development

  • HR/Recruiting
  • Operations Management
  • Training
  • Client Services
  • Quality Assurance
  • Accounting/Finance
  • Technology
  • Business Development/Marketing

Teleperformance Jobs

"We are always looking for well-motivated candidates with relevant experience in the contact center industry to help us in our continued expansion."

"If you are interested in joining our Teleperformance team, please apply now to one of our locations."

Teleperformance Corporate Headquarters

Europe & Middle East Headquarters

Michel Peschard

6/8 Rue Firmin Gillot 75737

Paris Cedex 15 France

Tel: (33)

Fax: (33)

Americas & Asia Pacific Headquarters

Daniel Julien

1601 Washington Av. Suite 400

Miami Beach, Fl 33139

Tel: (1) 786.437.3300

Fax: (1) 786.276. 8452

(for Employment Verification in the U.S. please call 1-801-366-8508)

Teleperformance Philippines

Miguel O. Cojuangco

David Rizzo

14th Floor Octagon Center

Building, San Miguel avenue

Ortigas Center, 1605 Pasig City

Metro Manila


Tel: (63) 2.632.90.00

Fax: (63) 2.632.99.99




pearlyjeanne said...

im just wondering why you didnt include Telus in your list..:)

Cool site sir. Ive just been hired recently and Im learning a lot.thanks so much..;)

Sybill said...

Hey..That's wonderful! Congratulations! Just keep in mind that Call Center Agents are there for the job to make life easier for customers. And every call that you handle well is worthy to be proud of. Goodluck and hope you go a long way, girl!

Anonymous said...

i was once an applicant of teleperformance..i find TP wonderful and awesome call center here in MM..I was juz wond`ring,bcoz i almost got the job..i cant see any problem w? my recording..and Angie,TP`s HR told us that if we cant make,they`ll give us another chance...and if we cant make 8 again,that`s the type that we fail the whole process..
kindly review the recordings..dated march 14 2009 3pm
thank you

tphater said...

duh.. as if nmn

Anonymous said...

Katie here..

Teleperformance is a Great Call Center to work with especially with the Account BoostMobile However, The only problem is.... You have to take your own Disgression Before anything else

Anonymous said...

i was once an applicant of teleperformance.
TP is a Great Call Center to work with especially with the Account BoostMobile However, The only problem is.... You have to take your own Disgression Before anything else...

Anonymous said...

wat accts does tp have? curious about jst opened here in our place

Jared said...

Hi! I just wanted to ask whether your company is open for applicants for OJT(on the Job training). Actually, we're the 4th year students taking Bachelor of Science in Information Technology in Christ the King College Gingoog City, Misamis Oriental. We are willing and eager to come personally on November 4-6, 2011 during our Cebu Educational tour.. thank you.Godbless. Kindly contact or email me at this email add. or call 09265616353.

Anonymous said...

I used to work with Teleperformance 2004-2007 as an agent, then later on as a Supervisor for the Sprint Mobile Account. I thank the company for giving me a number of free and paid training which I was able to use in some everyday scenario....

Anonymous said...

hello there i keep on searching about call centre because i wanted to excel my field of learning and i guess TP is the best choice for applying i hope that i can make it..

vince said...

hi guys there,i'm the one who challege to apply in TP. however i didn't now what are TP is all about. Can u help me in order to pass the interview in TP?

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